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This is the new MANDATORY COVID-19 questionnaire.

All athletes coming our with Texas Thunder must fill out this questionnaire. 

Every athlete family will be required to fill it out. Again, if you have traveled out of the state, on a cruise, been to an area of high case count, are sick (fever, cough, sore throat, etc), or have been in contact with any people who have done any of the above, then you CAN NOT come to practice. We all have to be mindful and respectful of each other. We will continue practice as normal, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays only. Friends and family are welcome to walk the trail but we encourage limited number of family gathering at practice. Coach Roddy and I care deeply about the health of our team and the health of our family, and are doing our part to help ensure these athletes can have some normalcy in their lives.

Thank you all for your consideration and understanding during this time. 

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Texas Thunder Track Club