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"Dear Coach Roddy,
I wanted to say thank you for being my track coach the past two years. I have never been as sad as when I realized my track career was over. You have been one of the best coaches I have had. From your workouts, encouragement, and just love for the sport. I always loved how much you cared about the sport, and every single one of your runners. Every meet and every practice I could tell how much you were focused on us. I am extremely sad we weren't able to finish up the season, but I am so thankful to have had you as a coach. I hope you have a great summer, and are staying safe through all of this craziness.
Thank you,
Sarah Fischer"

"When I think of Coach Roddy, I think of passion, excellence and attention to detail. We joined the Texas Thunder because he noticed my son, Cliff, when he was running for a different club and he immediately had some suggestions for how to improve his performance. The first year, Cliff ran in the Junior Olympics, he placed 25th in the country. This past year, he placed 7th and earned a medal. Coach Roddy draws out the best in young people and pays attention to each person in the club. Finally, the Texas Thunder Track Club is a family where each person is valued and noticed."

-Wes McCoy

"I am so glad we found Texas Thunder! Coach Roddy, you are such a great influence on our kids and our community. Thank you!"

-Serena Bumpus

"Coach Roddy,

I wanted to take this time to thank you for your hard work with our children Elizabeth and Manuel. I am glad we met you three years ago when Elizabeth first made the decision to improve herself in cross country/track. It was the first time she/we were exposed to coaching outside of conventional school coaching. My wife and I were unsure how it would go, but in the firs week it was evident that not only was Elizabeth having fun, but she w's being challenged, coached and improving.

In her first summer with you she gained confidence to compete and understood the strategy of long distance running. She has always been a fierce competitor, but with your coaching she was able to achieve new levels and made it to the AAU Junior Olympics! That was a great time and experience for all of us. It also showed us a new style of coaching, where your involvement, mentoring, and encouragement allowed Elizabeth to grow as an athlete and young adult. This type of coaching carried on to our son Manuel.

Manuel made a decision at the end of last year's football season to get in better shape. This year he began to workout on his own and win no one forcing him to. He wanted to be a running back his year so we knew we had to work on his speed. So once again my wife Elena sought you out for the task. You first began to teach Manuel the mechanics of running and what he should be thinking. You then began to work on his form, strength, and endurance. With in a few weeks we noticed a change in his running and reaffirmation of what he wants to do.

Your positive messages and hard work has help transform Manuel to allow him to make the "A" team in 8th grade 1st string.

Overall you have been a great impact on or children and our family. For this I thank you. I look forward to many more years of working with you for our children.

You will always be one of our Coaches.

-Manny De Los Santos

"I have coached my kids and countless others for over 15 years, it is rare that I run a cross a coach that has the same drive, knowledge, and passion for his sport that Coach Roddy shows all the kids at every practice and every event. Coach Roddy and his team of coaches teaches more than running, track and cross country, he is teaching life lessons that is also shaping these young men and women with pride, discipline, and confidence. We are blessed to have found Texas Thunder Track Club and all of the coaches, Thank you and

"Wake Up World.....It's Time to Run"" 

-Jacob S. Chagoya

"Texas Thunder is a great program for kids and anybody wanting to get in shape. As a former track athlete, I would not send my kids anywhere else." -Ramiro Yepez

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