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Training Only

Texas Thunder training only athletes receive all of the training that the competition athletes do. All normal training and extra practice days are included. Texas Thunder has implemented a month to month training opportunity to allow athletes to maintain their performance levels between their other sports activities. Fill out the form to start your training.

*Distance runners are recommended to run 15 miles per week elementary, 20-25 miles per week for middle school,

35+ for high school, 50 per week for college athletes. 

Everyone is allowed a 2 day trial.

Thunder Thunder Thunder....ROAR!!!

Training opportunities

1 month.........$200

2 months.......$150 per month

3 months.......$125 per month

4 months.......$90 per month

We also offer a training with an option to compete during our summer season. This gives the athletes to try competition without the full commitment of competition. If you sign up for 3 months you will get 1 meet to compete in, if you sign up for 4 months you will get 2 meets to compete in. 

3 months........$150 per month

4 months........$125 per month

If you sign up to do training only and later decide that competition is the way for you, that current month's fee will be deducted from your competition fee.

During our cross country season everyone is invited to do any community runs that are on the schedule.

By submitting this form, you agree to pay the amount per month for the months chosen regardless of attendance. 

No prorated registration and No refunds.

Your athlete will begin after your first payment has been received. 

We look forward to having you part of the Texas Thunder Family.

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